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Events Calendar

Feb 14

- Valentine's Day


Community Organizations

These Community Organizations help make our town a better place. Local individuals, community leaders and businesses spend countless hours donating their time to provide services for our community. Please support these local organizations by attending their events and looking for opportunities to volunteer. Please see our Volunteer Guide for volunteer opportunities and the events calender.


Fayette County Cultural Trust

"The mission of the Connellsville Cultural Trust is to improve the quality of life in the Connellsville region by valuing and preserving our cultural and historic assets and supporting and nurturing other cultural groups and educational initiatives. " This is a wonderful organization which helps our community in many ways. Please visit the site and explore opportunities to get involved with our community.


The mission of ArtWorks Connellsville is to inspire artistic growth, enhance technical skills, and provide a marketing outlet for our regional artists in a unique arts environment, while offering the public opportunities to see, enjoy and purchase the artwork created by professional artists.



For nearly 100 years, Conn-Area Catholic School has been educating the children of Connellsville and the surrounding communities. Many generations of children have passed through its doors and left, not only with the knowledge gained from academic excellence, but also with a deeper relationship to the Lord. 

The children are taught to direct their lives in a way that will make a difference in the people they will encounter throughout their lives; to reach out to those in need, to always strive to do their best, and to stay connected to their faith. Conn-Area Catholic School welcomes all!



The Connellsville Area Historical Society is a wonderful organization. It's mission is to preserve and diseminate information about our local history. Please visit its website.


The Greater Connellsville Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Connellsville Chamber of Commerce has been supporting the Connellsville Area for years. The Businesses who are members of the Chamber have been working very hard to provide residents with local goods and services. Please support these local merchants. Buy Local!!!! Support your Community!



 The Connellsville Rotary Club

The Connellsville Rotary Club is part of Rotary District 7330 and was established in 1924. It meets at noon every Thursday at Bud Murphy's.



The Connellsville Lions Club

2714 Memorial Blvd.
Connellsville, PA 15425
(724) 628-7460
Attn: George Puskar



The Carnegie Free Library


229 S. Pittsburgh Street
Connellsville, PA 15425
(724) 628-1380


Connellsville Senior Tigers

100 East Fayette Street
Connellsville, PA 15425
(724) 628-1515

Attention: Patty Pritts


Connellsville Community Ministries

201 E. Fairview Ave.
Connellsville, PA 15425

Connellsville Area Community Ministries provides food, clothing, shelter and more to people in the Connellsville area from a space in the Connellsville Community Center. The director is the Rev. Terry Guiste.

To learn more about this Conference mission project, contact 724-626-724-626-1120  or connmin@verizon.net.

Connellsville Community Center &

The Edwin S.Porter Theater and Performing Arts  Center

201 E. Fairview Avenue
Connellsville, PA 15425

The former auditorium of the Old High School on Fairview Avenue is undergoing renovations and continues to be restored to house a theater for local and regional actors.  Musical performances, film festivals and theatrical classes will bring this venue back to life.

Lectures, workshops and classes related to the arts, historic preservation and humanities--classics, languages, literature, music, philosophy, the performingarts, religion and the visual arts will be featured in this facility.

Seating capacity is 800 in the theater. Please see the Connellsville Cultural Trust's Website for more information.



Wesley Health Center


Wesley Health Center is Fayette County's Only Free Clinic Serving residents throughout Southwestern PA since 1993.

410 S. Pittsburgh Street
Connellsville, PA 15425

Wesley Church Health Center, Inc. (WHC), a community-based free clinic located in Connellsville, offers integrated primary and behavioral health services for underserved individuals and families in Southwestern PA. Since opening in 1993, WHC has provided safety-net services to the uninsured, treating acute and chronic illnesses, reducing emergency room visits, providing patient education to improve health conditions and reduce health risk, coordinating with health professionals and health facilities to increase services, and welcoming patients in an atmosphere of care and concern. WHC is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, and supported entirely by grants, donations and fundraising event.



Fayette EMS


(724) 628-2508

Fayette EMS is Connellsviile's premier ambulance/paramedic service. This local non-profit organization provides many services to our community that are too countless to mention. Please visit their website for more information and support their annual subscription drive.


Connellsville Soccer Club


The Connellsville Soccer Club is one of Connellsville's largest area children's sports groups. Over six hundred kids particpate in the program each spring and fall. Adult and Teenage Volunteers along with local business sponsors make this program a huge success. Please visit their website for more information on how you can help or how your child can participate.


The Yough River Trail Council

The Yough River Trail Council (YRTC) was established in 1989 as a non profit trail maintenance organization to care for the section of the Yough River Trail from Connellsville to Bruner Run outside of Ohiopyle. Since then the sections of trail through the City of Connellsville and the Yough River Trail North section to Layton have been added to give approximately 23 miles of the Great Allegheny Passage trail in Fayette County as the YRTC responsibility.

We are an all-volunteer group that depends on donations, grants, and dues from members for funds to purchase equipment, supplies, and insurances, make repairs and improvements, etc. No salaries are paid. We are always looking for new members and volunteers. If you wish to join, contact our main office: 724-872-5586 or fill out a membership form found in our brochure holders in Connellsville.



Trail Towns


Connellsville is proud to be one of the "Trail Towns". The Great Allegheny Passage is a 132-mile rail-turned-trail that has become a main thoroughfare for cyclists seeking wild rivers, peaks and valleys, and heritage-soaked towns. The Passage, which connected to the C&O Canal Towpath to Washington, D.C. in 2006, attracts national and international visitors throughout much of the year.

The connection of the Passage and Towpath links two world-class cities (Pittsburgh and Washington) and is driving a surge in bike traffic. The Trail Town Program is responding with expertise and loans for small businesses, market information for investors who want to come along for the ride, and business district planning for communities enjoying the biking boom.

The Trail Town Program envisions a corridor of revitalized trailside communities along the Great Allegheny Passage that reap the economic benefits of trail-based tourism and recreation as part of a larger, coordinated approach to regional economic development.


Geyer Theater for the Performing Arts


The Geyer Performing Arts Center has enjoyed over 100 years as Scottdale’s premier cultural center. The building has a rich and colorful history and continues to hold a long standing tradition as a community gathering place.

Originally known as the Geyer Opera House, The Geyer Performing Arts Center was the cultural vision of Andrew Geyer, who was the son of a local hotel proprietor. Mr. Geyer built the theater in 1900 and was very successful in establishing the Opera House as a popular social venue which had the honor of hosting many notable theatrical and musical performers. Most famous of its guests were William Jennings Bryan and Nanette Fabray.

The Geyer Performing Arts Center remains the owner of the building today and continues the tradition of hosting theatrical talent as it once did in its hey-day.  The Arts Center is the only cultural outlet in Scottdale Borough and a tangible link to it prosperous past.

Come and visit a living piece of Scottdale’s glory. Perform on stage, book your show, volunteer, or just relax and enjoy a performance in our air conditioned theater. The Geyer Performing Arts Center is your hometown venue to see and be great live entertainment!





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